Cambodian watchdog moves to cancel ISP, VoIP licences

20 Nov 2015

The Telecommunication Regulator of Cambodia (TRC) has called on 34 local VoIP operators and ISPs to submit their business performance reports by the end of this month, to ensure that they are in compliance with their licensing agreements. Officials have informed the Khmer Times that the move is a prelude to a widespread cull of inactive licensees, which it hopes will boost confidence among existing operators intending to expand. Im Vutha, Director of Regulation and Dispute at the TRC, commented: ‘First, we want to ensure governance over licensing, and that the licensee is implementing its business in accordance with the terms and conditions of their licence. Second, we want to open the room for new investors into this sector. Third, [we want] to follow up on the licence conditions according to the TRC’s roles and function’.

A total of 34 companies – holding 42 licences – have been ordered to file the relevant documentation, including the likes of MobiCam Online, Garuda Net, EmCom Technologies, Cambodia Internet Corporation and Genusys Cambodia.

Cambodia, Telecommunication Regulator of Cambodia (TRC)