O3b gives high speed connectivity to CNT’s Galapagos subscribers

19 Nov 2015

Satellite broadband connectivity provider O3b Networks has deployed trunking links to its high throughput, low latency satellite network to provide broadband internet on the Galapagos archipelago for subscribers of Ecuadorian state-run full-service telco CNT. CNT says that offering its Galapagos subscribers support for the same data-intensive applications and cloud-based services used on the mainland has been a challenge, whilst for around 20 years the connection to the islands has been over a geostationary (GEO) satellite. A press release adds that O3b satellites, which are closer to the earth than traditional GEO satellites, reduce latency, increase internet speed and improve voice and video quality for the user. CNT is using O3b’s next-generation IP trunking solution, O3bTrunk.

The 13 Galapagos isles have a combined population of approximately 26,000, but are also home to a large scientific community, and attract more than 150,000 tourists a year – two groups that should immediately benefit from CNT’s improved high speed service offerings.