Iraqi CMC invites offers for fourth mobile licence

12 Nov 2015

Iraq’s Communication and Media Commission (CMC) has issued a request for Expressions of Interest (EoI) in a fourth mobile licence, calling for telecom service providers to register their interest in bidding for the new concession, which will have a term of 15 years and will be technology neutral. Existing licensees will be obliged to enter into infrastructure and facilities sharing agreements with the newcomer, ‘in order to achieve rapid and cost-efficient network deployment.’ A range of frequencies are available to prospective bidders, including 2×7.5MHz in the 900MHz band, 2×22.5MHz in the 1800MHz range, 2×10MHz at 1900MHz/2100MHz and 20MHz in the 2600MHz band. Interested parties have until 20 November to submit an EoI to the CMC.