Anatel confirms 17 December as spectrum auction date

10 Nov 2015

Brazil’s National Telecommunications Agency (Agencia Nacional de Telecomunicacoes, Anatel) has confirmed that its long-awaited multi-band spectrum auction will take place on 17 December 2015. The sale, comprising selected blocks of unsold or returned spectrum, will include 1800MHz frequencies previously held by Unicel, alongside unused 1900MHz airwaves and 4G-suitable spectrum in the 2500MHz-2690MHz band.

According to documentation issued by the watchdog, the auction will be divided into three lots. Lot A will include a 2×15MHz block of Frequency Division Duplex (FDD) spectrum in the 1800MHz band, with a starting price of BRL449.9 million (USD118.7 million), alongside supplementary 2×2.5MHz and 2×5MHz blocks of 1800MHz spectrum (BRL37.8 million-BRL198.8 million). Lot B, meanwhile, consists of 2×10MHz blocks of 2500MHz spectrum, with a starting price of BRL283.9 million.

Finally, Lot C is made up of two 2×5MHz blocks of spectrum in the 1900MHz band (BRL12.8 million), alongside a 15MHz block of unpaired 2500MHz spectrum and a 35MHz block of unpaired 2500MHz spectrum. With a floor price of BRL585.9 million, the last named concession ranks as the most expensive licence in the auction, although the unpaired spectrum is restricted to Time Division Duplex (TDD) use.

Bidding documents must be submitted to Anatel by 10am on 10 December.