NCC to auction 2500MHz-2600MHz spectrum on 17 November

9 Nov 2015

Taiwan’s National Communications Commission (NCC) is looking to stage an ‘open-bid’ 4G spectrum auction comprising six licences in the 2500MHz-2600MHz frequency band on 17 November. A total of 190MHz of spectrum will be made available, with the overall floor price set at TWD14.4 billion (USD440 million). According to the DigiTimes incumbent operators Chunghwa Telecom, Taiwan Mobile, Far EasTone Telecommunications, Asia Pacific Telecom (APT) and Taiwan Star Cellular are all pre-qualified to bid in the auction, while no competitor can acquire more than 70MHz of bandwidth.

The spectrum lots have been divided as follows:

• Block D1 (2×20MHz): 2500MHz-2520MHz/2620MHz-2640MHz

• Block D2 (2×20MHz): 2520MHz-2540MHz/2640MHz-2660MHz

• Block D3 (2×20MHz): 2540MHz-2560MHz/2660MHz-2680MHz

• Block D4 (2×10MHz): 2560MHz-2570MHz/2680MHz-2690MHz

• Block D5 (25MHz – unpaired): 2570MHz-2596MHz

• Block D6 (25MHz – unpaired): 2595MHz-2620MHz.