NTT reports revenues reach ‘record levels’ in H1, increasing for the sixth consecutive year

6 Nov 2015

Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation (NTT) has released its financial results for the six months ending 30 September 2015, reporting operating revenues up 4.0% on an annualised basis to JPY5.589 trillion (USD45.974 billion), from JPY5.374 trillion in its H1 2014, its sixth consecutive year of growth to what it terms ‘record levels’. Operating income surged 24.1% year-on-year to JPY733.464 billion and net income (attributable to shareholders) leapt 30.0% to JPY377.319 billion from JPY290.322 billion, as NTT reaped reward of measures implemented under its medium-term management strategy, entitled ‘Towards the Next Stage 2.0’, launched in May 2015. The strategy is designed to allow the carrier to ‘embark on a profit growth track by accelerating its self-transformation towards becoming a Value Partner’, it said it the release. Towards the Next Stage 2.0 is, amongst other things, focused on expanding NTT’s global business and increasing profit generation, optimising its domestic network businesses and enhancing profitability, and achieving sustainable growth. Japan’s largest telecoms operator highlighted that overseas sales contributed JPY929.5 billion in the period under review, up from JPY747.5 billion in the first six months of fiscal 2014/15.

The telco closed out 30 September 2015 with a total of 19.036 million FLETS Hikari (including Hikari Collaboration Model) fibre broadband subscribers, up 1.7% (or a net 320,000) from 18.716 million at end-March 2015. The gains in fibre-optic users have been offset marginally by a decline in FLETS ADSL users, which fell to 1.125 million from 1.219 million previously. In addition, NTT reported a total of 17.293 million Hikari Denwa (IP telephony) customers, up from 17.103 million, 4.442 million video services users (including 1.398 million FLETS TV subscriptions), and 22.444 million telephone subscriber lines (including INS-Net), down from 24.344 million at end-March.

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