Monaco Telecom and Huawei claim Europe’s first ‘4G++’ deployment

28 Oct 2015

Monaco Telecom (MT), which holds a monopoly on the provision of cellular services in the Principality until at least 2023, has announced it is deploying a 4G++ (Category 9 or LTE-Advanced) network – claiming a first on a European public network. Category 9 is classified as a frequency-meshing network capable of delivering theoretical peak speeds of 450Mbps/75Mbps (down/uplink). The new super-fast 4G LTE-A standard is the logical successor to Category 6 (and before that Category 4). Whereas Category 6 amalgamated two 4G mobile spectrum bands, 4G++ is in essence tri-band carrier aggregation (3C) technology.

TeleGeography notes, however, that earlier this month Vodafone Czech Republic launched a 3C service on its LTE-A network in the city of Karlovy Vary. As a result of the implementation of 3C, the Czech operator claims to be able to support download speeds of 300Mbps using 10MHz of bandwidth in the 800MHz band, 20MHz of 1800MHz spectrum and a 10MHz block at 2100MHz. Vodafone is working with Samsung for the supply of suitable 3C-ready devices, with the pair said to be testing the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+, supporting LTE Category 9.

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