Orange Reunion to switch on FTTH network; Zeop planning 1Gbps boost from 1 November

20 Oct 2015

Orange Reunion is planning to deploy commercial fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) services in La Montagne – located in the prefecture of Saint-Denis – on 21 October 2015, MegaZap reports. The operator will offer three Livebox Fibre Magik subscription plans, priced at EUR49.90 (USD56.7) per month (for 100Mbps/50Mbps downlink/uplink), EUR69.90 (200Mbps/50Mbps) and EUR89.90 (500Mbps/200Mbps). Nearly 500 homes in selected locations of La Montagne will have access to the FTTH network at launch, with plans to expand the service to 2,000 households by year-end. The fibre-optic deployment is currently underway in Saint Clotilde and Moufia, with 1,000 households scheduled to be connected to the network in the short term. Going forward, Orange Reunion is planning to cover 80% of the isand’s territory, equivalent to FTTH presence in 15 towns, including: Saint Denis, Saint Paul, Saint Leu, La Possession, Saint Andre, Saint Benoit, Saint Pierre, Le Tampon, Sainte Suzanne, Saint Joseph, Etang Sale, Le Port, Les Trois Bassins, Bras Panon and Saint Louis.

In related news, Reunion-based fibre-optic broadband provider Zeop is aiming to increase the maximum downlink speeds over its fibre-optic network up to 1Gbps from 1 November 2015. The operator, which launched services in Reunion in 2007, introduced its FTTH network in May 2013; the fibre-optic infrastructure was available in 34 locations as of August 2015.

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