BT Group secures data services licence in Indonesia

20 Oct 2015

Indonesia’s Minister of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) has confirmed that BT Group has been awarded a licence to offer data communications services (known locally as a siskomdat), making it only the second international company behind AT&T (in 2011) to secure such a permit, which allows them to compete alongside eleven locally owned firms. Minister Rudiantara told Indotelko that the award has been checked thoroughly to ensure that BT complies with rules on foreign ownership restrictions – i.e. Presidential Decree No. 39 of 2014, which caps foreign ownership of a telecoms services provider at 49%. However, according to the minister siskomdat is not covered by such a restriction as it falls under presidential regulation No. 36/2010 on the DNI (the so-called Negative Investment List), which allows for a maximum foreign shareholding of 95%. BT submitted its data licence application in 2013, pre-dating Decree No. 39. The concession allows BT to offer a wide range of data services and IT networks directly to customers in Indonesia.

Indonesia, BT Group (incl. Openreach)