TIM to restart Metroweb talks

19 Oct 2015

Italian telco TIM (formerly Telecom Italia) has said it is resuming talks on possible collaboration with Milan-based fibre network operator Metroweb. TIM’s board met last week to discuss the idea of partnering with Metroweb; earlier this year TIM failed in its attempt to take a controlling stake in its rival, with negotiations breaking down in April. Metroweb is being seen as a key part of the government’s plan to pump EUR12 billion (USD13.3 billion) of public and private funds into the development of high speed internet infrastructure across the country to meet EU digital agenda targets. Alternative telcos Vodafone and Wind are keen to avoid a situation where TIM takes control of Metroweb, as they fear it will increase the incumbent’s already dominant position.

Italy, Metroweb, Telecom Italia (TIM)