New Zealand raises broadband targets

8 Oct 2015

The government of New Zealand has upped its target for nationwide broadband coverage, saying 99% of the population should have access to a connection offering speeds of at least 50Mbps by 2025, with the remaining 1% able to get speeds of at least 10Mbps. Under its previous plan, 97.8% of the population were being targeted with a minimum 5Mbps line. The government-backed Rural Broadband Initiative (RBI) and Ultra Fast Broadband (UFB) schemes are seeing operators deploy high speed wireless and fibre networks, with UFB concentrating on urban areas and RBI targeting more outlying regions.

Communications Minister Amy Adams says: ‘Our use of, and reliance on, technology and broadband connectivity are increasing rapidly. It’s vital that we set aspirational targets to ensure we keep up with this pace of change. This is about setting a vision of where we want New Zealand to be in ten years.’ She added: ‘We want to see all Kiwis, whether urban or rural, with access to the economic and social opportunities high-speed connectivity brings.’

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