Fijian cellcos address customers’ coverage concerns

7 Oct 2015

Mobile network operators Digicel Fiji and Vodafone Fiji have issued statements designed to address customer concerns over issues of availability of their respective 3G and 4G networks, particularly the lack of coverage on outlying islands. The Fiji Times quotes Digicel public relations and sponsorship manager Satish Narain as saying that its 4G service is only available in Suva, Nadi and Lautoka, while the rest of the country, including outer islands, are served with its 3G+ network. Mr Narain said that whilst it was not unusual to experience drop-outs in signals in some parts of any island, it has worked to deploy blanket coverage with its 3G+ across the country. Nonetheless, he admitted that consumers still report issues. ‘We have received complaints from customers in relation to not being able to receive signal at all and this was termed because of problems at transmitters, otherwise most of our customers enjoy fast internet access and have hardly posted complaints via our customer care or Facebook page. In fact the islands get very fast internet access with Digicel,’ he told the paper. Meanwhile, rival Vodafone has confirmed that its 3G network currently serves about 95% of the Fijian population, with the figure standing at about 65% for its 4G signal. The cellco’s head of mCommerce and Corporate Affairs, Shailendra Prasad, said it was important to note the network coverage was population coverage as opposed to geographic coverage.

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