Digicel Fiji pay-TV licence ‘in limbo’

1 Oct 2015

The status of Digicel Fiji’s subscription-based pay-TV service is reportedly ‘in limbo’, amid heel-dragging from the government on issuing it with the appropriate operating licence. The telecoms services provider announced on 17 September that it had bought out Sky Pacific, a division of Fiji Television, for FJD5.75 million (USD2.66 million), following which it submitted an application for an operating licence with the Ministry of Communications, as per the rules set down in the Media Industry Development Decree. The Fiji Times quotes Digicel Fiji attorney-general Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum as saying, however, that it is still waiting for the ministry to make a decision. ‘Until such time, no statements should be made regarding the operational control of or any content to be shown by Sky Pacific service,’ he said, adding: ‘It is premature for Digicel to announce any programming or content materials before the issuance of a licence.’

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