Big three introduce data rollover

1 Oct 2015

China’s three mobile network operators have introduced changes to their mobile data plans, allowing post-paid customers to carry over unused data until the end of the following month, Telecom Asia writes, citing stock filings from China Mobile, China Telecom and China Unicom to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. The operators noted that the change to their tariffs is part of the government’s policy to reduce tariffs and upgrade access speeds for broadband services. The three cellcos agreed to toe the line on data rollover, but complained that the new option would adversely affect revenue and profit.

The implementation of data rollover by the big three may make things difficult for the nation’s MVNOs, however, as many of the resellers have found a niche by capitalising on the demand for greater flexibility with data allowances by offering rollover and even transference of unused data between customers. The option to roll over unused data month to month has long been demanded by Chinese consumers, but network operators had been opposed to introducing such changes until earlier this year when the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) instructed the trio to take steps to cut prices.