Final analogue switch-off set for June 2018

29 Sep 2015

Ukraine’s National Television & Radio Broadcasting Council (NRADA) has determined the final date of nationwide analogue TV switch-off in all broadcasting frequency ranges as 30 June 2018, when the spectrum will be entirely freed up for 4G mobile broadband usage. The proposals contained in the draft resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers ‘On introduction of changes in the use of radio frequency resource of Ukraine’ were adopted at an NRADA meeting on 24 September, reports LIGABusinessInform. Before the resolution, the previous target date (approved by the Cabinet of Ministers in June 2006) allowed the use of frequencies for analogue TV up to 1 January 2016, but the final disconnection date has been revised due to doubts about the feasibility of the implementation plan. NRADA proposes that the release of the ‘first digital dividend’ (800MHz) 4G mobile broadband frequency band is begun in 2016, while the process for releasing the ‘second digital dividend’ (700MHz) band to operators should begin in the first half of 2017.