New cable builds return to the Trans-Atlantic – what are the impacts?

25 Sep 2015

Webinar | Tuesday, 6 October | 8am PDT, 9am MDT, 11am EDT, 4pm UK, 5pm CET

The web-scale effect is here.

It has, and will continue to change the dynamics of subsea networks for a while.

Even the heavily-connected Trans-Atlantic is feeling the squeeze. It has been more than twelve years since the last cable was deployed on the route – and now, in the space of four months, we will see two new high-capacity cables come into service.

Join Alan Mauldin, Research Director with TeleGeography, and Ian Clarke, Senior Consultant, Global Subsea Solutions with Ciena for this 30-minute webinar with live Q&A as they answer:

• What’s causing such a boom in cable construction?

• How will existing cable operators react and prosper?

• What impact will this have on Trans-Atlantic capacity offerings?

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