Indonesia’s Bolt! to create house of fun with improved indoor coverage

25 Sep 2015

Internux, a subsidiary of PT Mitra Mandiri, which is itself majority owned by Indonesia’s First Media group, has announced plans to strengthen the coverage of its Bolt! branded 4G wireless broadband service, by improving its indoor/in-building coverage in its current service areas. Bolt! launched in November 2013 and uses time division duplex LTE (TD-LTE) technology in Greater Jakarta and neighbouring province Banten (the only areas where it holds licences), having been awarded a 2×10MHz 2.3GHz band concession in 2009, originally earmarked for WiMAX. The start-up’s CTO Devid Gubiani told IndoTelko this week: ‘One of the challenges for Bolt! now is providing services indoors. We are located at a frequency of 2.3GHz where in-building penetration is not strong.’ To combat this, Bolt! intends to increase the number of buildings in Jakarta where it has collaborated to provide indoor coverage. It currently has 1,500 buildings covered, but plans to up this to 3,050 by the end of the year. Mr Gubiani says that the telco intends to roll out a further 700 to 800 base stations by end-2015, taking the total to at least 4,000. To date, it has 3,500 base stations in the Greater Jakarta area, with a population coverage of 99.3%.

Indonesia, Internux (Bolt!)