FICORA highlights increasing average broadband speeds in new data

18 Sep 2015

Almost a quarter of Finnish households now have a fixed broadband connection that offers downlink speeds of more than 100Mbps, according to new data published by the Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority (FICORA). In total, of the 1.730 million fixed broadband accesses in the country at end-June 2015, 23% of these were capable of a downlink rate in excess of 100Mbps, compared to 20% at the end of 2014 and 18% a year earlier. Meanwhile, the proportion of customers connecting at slower speeds continued to diminish, with just 2% of all customers signed up to a service offering a downlink rate of 2Mbps or below, compared to 3% at mid-2014.

In terms of access types, although xDSL remained the most popular, the proportion of customers connecting via the technology fell to 895,000 at 30 June 2015, down from 963,000 six months earlier and 996,000 at mid-2014. By comparison, Ethernet and fibre-to-the-x (FTTX) connections combined to total 412,000 at end-June 2015, up from 347,000 twelve months previously, with cable broadband accesses also rising, from 351,000 to 401,000 over the same period.

Meanwhile, with regard to pricing, the FICORA said that telephone and data transfer services were becoming increasingly less expensive when measured in terms of the average monthly price paid by consumers. As an example, the regulator said that while the average price for a broadband connection was EUR21 (USD23.8) per month in 2014, in the first half of this year that figure had declined to EUR19.