TelOne settles interconnect debts with Econet, Telecel

15 Sep 2015

Zimbabwean fixed line operator TelOne has handed over outstanding interconnect fees to two of the country’s mobile network operators. The state-owned provider has paid USD24 million to Econet Wireless and USD5 million to Telecel. According to a report from TechZim, Chipo Mtasa, the CEO of TelOne, says the repayments are part of a ‘tripartite offset arrangement’ between the government, TelOne and Econet, meaning that rather than handing over cash, the government is simply wiping out fees due to be paid by Econet, such as its contribution to the Universal Service Fund. Several years ago Econet agreed to offset a USD85 million interconnect debt owed by state-backed mobile operator NetOne against its own USD137.5 million licence renewal fee.