Monaco Telecom now offering 1Gbps package thanks to DOCSIS 3.0 upgrade

11 Sep 2015

Monaco’s monopoly broadband services provider Monaco Telecom (MT) has launched a new broadband internet and unlimited telephony offer, by dint of its recent upgrade to DOCSIS 3.0 technology which it says enables it to provide up to 1Gbps/200Mbps (down/uplink) connectivity to 100% of homes in the Principality. In a press release, MT confirmed that the new service plan costs EUR49.9 (USD56.0) per month, including the router, allowing users to benefit from a ‘simple and clear offer’. Branded ‘Internet Ultra Broadband’, the new service includes unlimited voice telephony to fixed and mobile numbers in metropolitan France and Monaco, with CEO Peronnet Martin noting that the launch confirms MT’s commitment to invest heavily in innovation at the best prices in the interests of Monegasque residents.

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