Rostelecom’s GNC-ALFA aims to double Armenian subs base this year

10 Sep 2015

Armenian altco GNC-ALFA, which is majority owned by Russian telco Rostelecom via its wholly owned subsidiary Teleset Networks, has said it expects to double its subscriber base this year, on the back of a similar rise in user numbers in 2014. The firm’s CEO Hayk Faramazyan told reporters: ‘We have now more than 30,000 subscribers whose numbers continue to grow rapidly. This allows us to conclude that we are now the fastest-growing alternative telecommunication operator in Armenia.’

GNC-ALFA’s solid, if unspectacular, take-up has been aided by an ongoing network rollout programme which Faramazyan notes has extended coverage to almost all of the capital Yerevan – excepting the districts Shengavit and Kanaker-Zeytun – as well as covering more than 20 other provincial towns. The official now says that in order to meet rising customer demand, the altnet is considering additional investments in 2016 to ensure coverage across the whole of Yerevan and in the regions. The Russian-backed venture began selling broadband internet, IPTV and next generation IP telephony under the Rostelecom banner in December 2012, and today its fibre-optic network covers 80% of the territory of Armenia, extending to more than 2,500km. GNC-ALFA says that its next generation network (NGN) is connected to the main regional backbones and major traffic exchange sites, as well as international channels via Georgia and Iran.

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