Osiptel publishes draft net neutrality rules

9 Sep 2015

Peruvian telecoms regulator Organismo Supervisor de Inversion Privada en Telecommuniciones (Osiptel) has published proposals for the introduction of regulations governing net neutrality. ‘These rules protect the rights of customers to use any type of traffic, protocol, application or service of their choice – within legal limits – and use internet access services,’ Osiptel president Gonzalo Ruiz Diaz explained, noting: ‘In addition, these proposals establish a predictable framework conducive to the development of new internet-related products and services.’

The proposed regulations would prohibit internet service providers (ISPs) from using measures to arbitrarily manage bandwidth, or prioritise, degrade or limit particular types of traffic. Further, providers may not block ports, domain names, IP addresses or applications arbitrarily. In certain cases, however, Osiptel may permit the implementation of the measures listed above. Similarly, operators will be permitted to establish measures blocking applications and services that are deemed to be illegal.

Interested parties have until 9 October 2015 to submit their comments.

Peru, Osiptel