Nokia Networks and TeliaSonera partner for 3x CA demo on commercial network in Helsinki

2 Sep 2015

Finnish vendor Nokia Networks and Nordic telecoms group TeliaSonera have conducted a live demonstration of LTE-Advanced (LTE-A) three-band Carrier Aggregation (3x CA) using Category 9 (CAT 9) devices. Nokia Networks claims that the demo saw the duo break the record for downlink speeds on a commercial network, with data rates of up to 375Mbps said to have been achieved. The end-to-end demo, which was performed on the commercial network in Helsinki belonging to TeliaSonera’s local subsidiary, aggregated three LTE FDD carriers of 20MHz, 20MHz and 10MHz bandwidth to deliver ultrafast data speeds, strengthen network capacity and provide an enhanced customer experience. The demonstration was performed using Nokia Networks’ Single RAN Advanced platform, including the Flexi Multiradio 10 Base Station for high-capacity throughput, with the vendor having carried out a software upgrade to aggregate two 20MHz carriers in 1800MHz and 2600MHz bands with one additional 10MHz carrier in 800MHz band. Further, Nokia Networks was also responsible for network testing, planning and implementation support and CAT 9 devices.

With TeliaSonera Finland said to be planning to continue rolling out the advanced service network-wide once compatible devices are available in sufficient volumes, Timo Hietalahti, head of Architecture and Development at the Finnish operator, was cited as saying: ‘Our main priority is to offer our customers faster access to high quality video and more responsive data services. Through this groundbreaking trial of 3x CA our network has delivered high data throughtputs with superior reliability, meaning our customers will benefit from superfast multimedia applications and services once the technology is rolled out commercially.’