Kabel Deutschland 200Mbps service reaches 4.5m homes

27 Aug 2015

Kabel Deutschland, the German cableco owned by Vodafone Group, has expanded the availability of its 200Mbps broadband service to a further 700,000 households, increasing the total number of homes within the high speed footprint to around 4.5 million. The latest areas to gain access to Kabel Deutschland’s 200Mbps/12Mbps down/uplink broadband service include Buchholz, Hamburg, Jever, Kulmbach, Lindau, Potsdam, Straubing, Trier, Weimar and Zweibrucken. Going forward, the cableco is aiming to further increase the availability of its 200Mbps service, which is expected to reach over ten million households by early 2016.

Germany, Kabel Deutschland