Swisscom, Ericsson team up for FDD/TDD-LTE convergence

21 Aug 2015

Swisscom has trialled a Frequency Division Duplex (FDD)/Time Division Duplex (TDD) LTE tri-band carrier aggregation (3CC) solution in Zurich, the cellco’s vendor partner Ericsson has announced. The demonstration, which took place at a Swisscom retail unit, utilised two 20MHz TDD-LTE channels in the 2600MHz band, and one 15MHz FDD-LTE channel in the 2100MHz band. The trial leveraged Swisscom’s commercial network and used commercial-grade chipsets, Ericsson noted. In this specific set-up, maximum downlink speeds of 335Mbps were achieved.

Going forward, Swisscom plans to roll the three component carrier (3CC) solution out to its subscribers in Swiss metropolitan areas by summer 2016, which it says will coincide with three-carrier FDD/TDD smartphone availability.

Switzerland, Ericsson, Swisscom