Orange Espana tests 1Gbps fibre service as parent company completes Jazztel shares buy-out

19 Aug 2015

Orange Espana has successfully trialled a fibre-to-the-home-based (FTTH-based) service offering downlink speeds of 1Gbps via the deployment of XG-PON technology, the telco has announced. With the trials said to have been carried out with existing customers connected to its FTTH infrastructure, Orange Espana also confirmed that it had connected the technology to a 2G/3G/4G mobile base station with a view to maximising the transmission speed of its 4G network. Looking ahead, the telco is already preparing for what it called ‘the next evolution of FTTH’. To that end, Orange Espana said it plans to trial Time Wavelength Division Multiplexing PON (TWDM-PON) technology in September, which it claimed promises to quadruple both downlink and uplink speeds compared to XG-PON.

In separate but related news, Orange Group has confirmed the acquisition of the remaining 5.25% of Jazztel’s share capital it did not already hold, noting that this transaction had resulted from the exercise of the squeeze-out rights ensuing from its successful tender offer for the alternative broadband provider. With the French outfit noting that the squeeze-out had been exercised at a price of EUR13 (USD14.4) per share, it said that it now owns 100% of Jazztel, which will be delisted from the Spanish Stock Exchanges on 19 August 2015.

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