NCCIR approves 4G implementation plan

19 Aug 2015

Ukraine’s National Commission for State Regulation of Communications & Informatization (NCCIR or NKRZI) yesterday approved a plan to facilitate and implement 4G LTE mobile services in the country in 2015-2017, authorised by a resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers and designed in accordance with the Presidential Decree of 21 July 2015 (‘On ensuring conditions for the introduction of mobile communication of the fourth generation’). The plan is aimed at catching up in technology terms with other countries, as Ukraine did not issue 3G UMTS licences to its three largest mobile operators until February 2015, whilst technology-neutral usage of spectrum (e.g. 1800MHz) for 4G LTE has not yet been approved.

The action plan’s main components listed on the regulator’s website include:

• Amending the Law On Radio Frequency Resource of Ukraine and other legislative acts to implement the allocation, distribution and usage of LTE-suitable spectrum on an ‘objective, proportionate, timely, transparent and non-discriminatory basis’, including the basis for refarming existing frequencies;

• Changes to the national frequency allocation table/usage plan;

• Approval of ‘plans and interventions’ for releasing the ‘first digital dividend’ (800MHz) spectrum band as well as the ‘second digital dividend’ (700MHz) for LTE usage by reallocating bandwidth previously used for broadcasting services; and

• Refarming existing frequencies for LTE under a new technology-neutral licensing regime.