MCIT to release details of rural broadband scheme covering 50 village communities

11 Aug 2015

Indonesia’s Ministry of Communication and Information Technology (MCIT), also known locally as Kemenkominfo, will soon publish details of its Broadband Integrated Rural Development programme covering several cities/districts under the auspices of its ‘Regulation of the Border Management Agency No 1 of 2015’, which is designed to develop internet and IT access applications in remote parts of the country. IndoTelko reports that in the initial phase, MCIT is looking to roll out broadband access and applications in 50 village communities, to which end it is looking for local app developers to help participate in the programme. Kemenkominfo intends to provide the infrastructure needed for the applications hosted in order that the plan can be run properly. The ministry believes that its integrated rural broadband project has the potential to be accessed by between 40 million and 50 million users, primarily via smartphones.