FICORA publishes mobile termination SMP decisions, confirms new maximum MTRs

11 Aug 2015

The Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority (FICORA) has announced a number of decisions regarding companies adjudged to hold significant market power (SMP) in the mobile voice call termination market. The watchdog has published separate SMP decisions related to a total of four mobile network operators, those being Elisa Corporation, TeliaSonera Finland, DNA Finland and Alands Mobiltelefon. Coupled with these decisions, the FICORA has also confirmed it is tightening the regulation of mobile termination rates (MTRs) for all of the aforementioned operators. With the regulator revealing that for the first time it has set a cost-oriented maximum levy for MTRs, Asta Sihvonen-Punkka, the FICORA’s director-general, was cited as saying: ‘The set maximum price means that MTRs between operators will drop at the beginning of December by a third, from the current price EUR0.0187 (USD0.021) to EUR0.0125 per minute.’ However, with the European Commission (EC) having reportedly sought even more strict regulation than has been enacted by the Finnish authorities, the regulator’s director general added: ‘Although the prices do not drop to the level required by the Commission, we consider the reduction of the prices to be significant and the future price reasonable.’