China Mobile HK, Ericsson trial LTE-A FDD+TDD 3CC aggregation

4 Aug 2015

China Mobile Hong Kong has partnered with Ericsson to demonstrate three component carrier (3CC) aggregation, using LTE-Advanced (LTE-A) Frequency Division Duplex Long Term Evolution (FDD-LTE) and Time Division Duplex Long Term Evolution (TDD-LTE) technology. The cellco achieved peak download speeds of 272Mbps during the trial, which utilised

TM500 network testers supplied by Cobham Wireless. In the demonstration, one 15MHz FDD-LTE block in the 2.6GHz band was aggregated with two TDD-LTE blocks (20MHz + 10MHz) in the 2.3GHz band band.

Dr Ma Zibin, director and vice president at China Mobile Hong Kong, commented: ‘We have just achieved another milestone for [our] converged FDD-LTE/TDD-LTE network, and see it as a huge development for the future needs of the services supplied by telecoms [operators] to their customers. China Mobile Hong Kong pioneered the world’s first FDD-LTE/TDD-LTE converged network in 2012, and we continue our commitment by demonstrating the advantages of 3CC carrier aggregation on a live network.’

China Mobile Hong Kong expects to commercially launch 3CC LTE-A technology in 2016.