81% of pre-paid SIMs registered by deadline

3 Aug 2015

Thailand’s National Broadcasting & Telecommunication Commission (NBTC) has revealed that approximately 69.5 million pre-paid phone numbers, or 81.3%, of all pre-paid SIM cards were registered with their user’s identity by the deadline of 31 July 2015. Remaining users of unregistered pre-paid SIMs can only receive calls while outgoing voice/messaging and data services are suspended. As reported by The Nation newspaper, on the final day of registration, 610,905 phone numbers were registered, while according to the NBTC, among the roughly 16 million unregistered numbers, only 4.8 million (or 30%) were used regularly, indicating that the process will result in trimming over eleven million inactive SIMs from Thai operators’ subscriber databases. Cellular leader AIS reportedly registered 83.5% of its pre-paid total, while second-placed DTAC’s registration rate was 79.9%, and third-ranked True Corp registered 76.8% of its pre-paid SIMs.