Nepal: regulator reports cellular penetration topped 90% by mid-April

29 Jul 2015

The Nepal Telecommunications Authority (NTA) has released its latest statistical bulletin covering the month to 13 April 2015 (MIS Report 97 – 15 March-13 April 2015). At that date the country was home to more than 22.719 million GSM mobile users – up from 22.850 million three months earlier – split between privately owned Ncell (12.271 million) and government-backed Nepal Telecom (NT – 10.477 million). In addition, NT claimed 1.232 million CDMA-based mobile users, up from 1.170 million at mid-December 2014 pushing overall cellular penetration up to 90.4% at that date. In the fixed broadband sector, meanwhile, NT had 135,721 ADSL subscribers by 15 December, up slightly from 135,064 three months earlier, with bigger gains being made in the cable modem sector (up from 47,182 to 67,058) and in the WiMAX market (from 11,102 to 12,409), though a small improvement in other broadband connection types, such as wireless modems and fibre, was registered (from 46,701 to 47,379) following a roughly 20,000 cut in user numbers in the prior three-month period. Fixed voice telephony lines stood at 843,462 at 13 April, a teledensity of 3.18%, broken down as 667,974 (PTSN) and 175,488 (CDMA) lines.

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