MAX, M-Tel in national roaming agreement

29 Jul 2015

Bulgarian wireless operator MAX (previously Max Telecom) will start offering services over market leader MobilTel’s (M-Tel’s) networks, following the signing of a landmark contract for national roaming services between the two companies. M-Tel’s chief executive officer Thanasis Katsiroumpas disclosed that the new network sharing agreement is expected to further increase competition among telecom operators in the country, while Neycho Velichkov, CEO of MAX, said: ‘This agreement is a milestone for the entire telecoms market as two innovating companies in the market join forces in the interest of the Bulgarian consumers and start offering unified services of the next generation.’

As previously reported by CommsUpdate, in August 2013 the Communications Regulation Commission (CRC) adopted its recommendation to remove infrastructure barriers in the telecoms market by allowing national roaming agreements between companies. In March 2014 Daniel Kupsin, the owner of MAX, disclosed in an interview with TeleGeography that his company was planning to make use of the new legislation, which is beneficial to new mobile market entrants, as it allows them to roam over the networks of more established players. ‘It simply does not make sense for Max Telecom to build yet another 2G/3G network in Bulgaria… Our approach is to develop a new technology [in order] to offer the market something new and also rent the existing technology from the other carriers’, Mr Kupsin said.