Albtelecom warns of legal action against doppelganger Telekom Albania

29 Jul 2015

Albanian fixed line incumbent Albtelecom has issued a statement criticising the rebranding of its wireless rival Albanian Mobile Communications (AMC) which officially adopted the Telekom Albania moniker last week, claiming that the cellco’s new name ‘highly resembles’ its own. Albtelecom laid claim to the name ‘Albanian Telecom,’ pointing out that its official name prior to its privatisation was Telekomi Shqiptar (Albanian Telecom), adding that it found it ‘quite surprising to see the official usage…of its name by another company.’

AMC was rebranded under the Telekom label of its German parent, Deutsche Telekom, as part of efforts to unify the operator with its sister companies elsewhere in Europe and to enable AMC to capitalise on the brand identity of Deutsche Telekom. In its statement, Albtelecom commented that it believes that the use of its name was not a ‘deliberate action,’ suggesting that the similarity between the names was simply ‘overlooked’ by the former AMC and that it was confident that the necessary changes would be made in due course.

Nevertheless, the telco warned that it was ready to ‘make use of its legal rights’ if necessary: ‘Usage of the name of Albanian Telecom by other companies, along with all possible versions of it, or any other name which would directly invoke the Albanian Telecom name and their direct translations is absolutely forbidden according to Albanian commercial laws in force, and European Union directives.’

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