ISP Woosh splutters to a halt; sells user base to Slingshot

28 Jul 2015

New Zealand internet service provider (ISP) Slingshot has purchased all 9,000 customer contracts from rival Woosh, bringing an end to the latter’s involvement in the retail broadband sector. Mark Callander, chief executive of Australian-backed M2 NZ, which owns Slingshot, said the acquisition of all of Woosh’s fixed line and ‘transitional capable’ wireless customers represents a natural addition to the Slingshot business, noting: ‘Slingshot has worked hard to become the leading ISP for service, and I’m confident that the Woosh customers will like their new home’. The deal has been valued at NZD1.3 million (USD858,312).

Woosh was founded in 2003 as a wireless ISP, but has seen its customer base eroded in recent years as both copper broadband and the availability fibre has improved. Woosh was bought by California-based Craig Wireless for USD5 million in 2011. At the time it said Woosh had real value in the wireless spectrum it owned and its tower infrastructure.

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