BRTI requests Telkomsel to cut mobile internet tariffs in eastern Indonesia

28 Jul 2015

IndoTelko reports that the Indonesian Telecommunication Regulatory Body (BRTI) has formally requested Telkomsel to remove the disparity in mobile internet data charges between western and eastern parts of the country, to provide a level playing field for consumers. BRTI’s Ketut Prihadi Krishna said that the regulator is concerned at the sometimes vast differences between the two regions – for example, 2GB of data in Zone 1 only costs IDR65,000 (USD4.83), while in Zone 12 in the east, Telkomsel charges its users IDR120,000 for the same amount of data. Although the government is considering new rules on charges next year, there are currently no measures in place to regulate internet data rates, so BRTI has to work with operators to make them comply on a voluntary basis.