ZTE, Softbank to test pre-5G technology in Japan next year

13 Jul 2015

China’s ZTE Corp announced last Friday that it has signed an agreement with mobile operator Softbank Corp to deploy its ‘pre-5G’ technology in Japan via a commercial trial scheduled to take place in early 2016. The equipment vendor says that its pre-5G platform will deliver faster speeds than those available on commercial 4G LTE networks, and will act as a stepping stone to true 5G, which TeleGeography notes is expected to come on-stream after 2020. ZTE vice president Li Cui stated that the equipment maker intends to establish a research and development centre for wireless technologies in Tokyo by the end of this year, although he stopped short of putting a dollar figure on how much the company is expecting to invest in Japan. That said, ZTE Corp is believed to be spending up to USD220 million on 5G internationally over the next three years, and Cui maintains: ‘Our goal is to utilise core 5G technologies on existing commercial networks … so users can enjoy the 5G-like experience ahead of time.’

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