True accelerates efforts to migrate fixed voice users; confirms USD973m two-year fibre budget

13 Jul 2015

Thai quadruple-play operator True Corp’s subsidiary True Universal has requested an additional 1.8 million fixed line phone numbers from the National Broadcasting & Telecommunications Commission (NBTC) as it aims to migrate fixed telephony subscribers from its parent’s build-transfer-operate (BTO) concession to True Universal’s full facilities-based (Type ‘3’) licence before the BTO agreement (issued by state-owned telco TOT) expires in October 2017. As reported by The Nation, True requires new phone number allocations to migrate its subscribers because the NBTC has not implemented fixed number portability (FNP). If True does not migrate its fixed line subscribers to True Universal they will by default ‘belong’ to TOT upon the BTO concession expiring. True Universal has reportedly to date been granted 479,000 fixed numbers. True Corp reported a total of 1.6 million active fixed voice lines at the beginning of this year, down from 1.7 million twelve months earlier.

In other group news, True Online, the broadband arm of True Corp, has confirmed a budget of THB33 billion (USD973 million) for a two-year investment programme starting this year to upgrade its residential fixed broadband network to next-generation fibre-optic services covering ten million households, the Bangkok Post reported citing True Online’s CCO Manut Manavutiveth.

Thailand, True Corp