Huawei, China Unicom stage 4.5G LTE-M CIoT pilot

13 Jul 2015

Chinese vendor Huawei has partnered with domestic telecoms operator China Unicom to stage a Cellular Internet of Things (CIoT) pilot project in Shanghai, based on 4.5G Long Term Evolution-Machine-to-Machine (LTE-M) technology. The initiative coincides with the start of the 2015 Mobile World Congress Asia event.

According to a press release from the vendor, China Unicom has trialled a ‘smart parking’ system, which it claims represents a typical application of LTE-M. Parking stall detectors periodically collect data and report the status to the server via LTE-M, while drivers can search for available parking spots around the city using a mobile app.

William Wang, president of the Huawei Wireless FDD Product Line, commented: ‘LTE-M will be commercialised globally in 2016. We have already collaborated extensively with carriers in China, Europe, the Middle East, and the Asia Pacific region’.

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