Serbia invites bids for Telekom stake

6 Jul 2015

Serbia’s Privatisation Agency has issued a public invitation for non-binding bids for participation in the sale of the government’s shares in Telekom Srbija. Interested bidders must meet the following qualifications to take part in the tender: provided mobile telephony services, with telecom revenues of more than EUR500 million (USD555.3 million) in the last three years; accumulated funds of more than EUR500 million over the last ten years; possess assets under management valued at EUR2 billion at the end of 2014; and have held an equity share of 10% or more in at least one operator with annual telecom revenues with annual revenues in excess of EUR500 million in at least one investment year period. Interested parties have until 23 July 2015 to register their interest, and until 2 August to submit a non-binding bid.

The government currently holds 58.11% of Telekom’s shares, whilst 20.00% is owned by the operator itself, 14.95% is held by Serbian citizens and the remaining 6.94% is in the hands of current and former employees.

Serbia, Mobile Telephony of Serbia (MTS), Telekom Srbija (MTS)