China Telecom aiming to join Loxley in partnership with TOT

30 Jun 2015

Thai technology and commerce group Loxley has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with China Telecom Global in a bid to be selected as a strategic partner of state-owned telco TOT, the Bangkok Post reports. Loxley Wireless, which runs an existing mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) on TOT’s 3G network under the i-Kool brand, has potentially added extra weight to its bid to assist TOT’s 4G rollout by teaming up with the Chinese giant, although a senior executive VP of Loxley, Vasant Chatikavanij, said that details of the Thai-Chinese alliance had not yet been finalised. ‘We’ve initially agreed in principle to develop a full range of cooperation, depending on various business opportunities,’ he said, continuing: ‘If we are selected to be a partner of TOT, Loxley Wireless can then tailor its business model with China Telecom to serve the state enterprise’s requirements.’ Loxley’s partnership proposal to TOT centres on a THB15 billion (USD443 million) 4G network rollout.

Five prospective strategic telecoms partners for TOT remain in the running – Advanced Info Service (AIS), True Corp, Loxley, Samart Corp and start-up company Mobile LTE – in a process expected to be completed by August. TOT could choose more than one strategic partner since it has identified six core business focus areas: telecom infrastructure; telecom towers; international gateways and submarine cables; mobile service; fixed line telephony and broadband internet service; and information technology services.