Telstra free Wi-Fi trial switched off; commercial launch slated for H2

22 Jun 2015

Australia’s Telstra has switched off its network of Wi-Fi hotspots – a service that was being offered as a free trial over 2,600 activated zones – ahead of a commercial rollout in the second half of this year. The switch-off was announced on 12 June.

Telstra’s live trial saw public phone boxes being transformed into wireless hotspots, the first rolling out at the end of 2014. The PTO said that the six-month trial, which offered customers 30 minutes of free access, was designed to provide it with information about user loads and how the service was used. Once it has assimilated the information it will announce the full launch and says that it ultimately intends to deploy around two million hotspots across Australia within the next five years. Additionally, it notes that its Wi-Fi customers will have access to a further 15 million overseas hotspots thanks to a commercial tie-up with Fon.

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