Tele2 Russia will reach 80,000 LTE-1800 cells in roughly three years

18 Jun 2015

Tele2 Russia will deploy 80,000 4G LTE mobile base stations in the next two-to-four years across ‘90%’ of the country, using the 1800MHz band, its director of operations Dmitry Lopatukhin told a press conference this week at the launch of 4G services in St. Petersburg. Currently partnering with Ericsson for LTE rollout in the regions, by the end of 2015 Tele2 plans to triple the number of 4G base stations in St. Petersburg, while on a wider scale the director noted that ‘30%-40%’ of Tele2 Russia’s 20 planned new regional 3G/4G network deployments will support LTE, reported.

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