Airtel upgrades Nairobi network

18 Jun 2015

Airtel Kenya, the local mobile unit of Indian telecoms operator Bharti Airtel, has completed phase one of its network upgrade in the capital Nairobi, as its seeks to improve the coverage and quality of its voice and data services across the country. BiztechAfrica reports that the cellco has replaced legacy hardware and expanded radio network elements to enhance coverage and improve voice quality for customers. Airtel has now embarked on phase two of the upgrade, which involves improving mobile data speeds and network stability. Nokia Networks is assisting with the upgrade project, which will also make the Airtel Kenya’s networks 4G LTE-ready. ‘We are confident that the upgrade will increase our network capacity, improve voice quality and data speeds, helping us to continue enriching our customers’ internet and voice experience across the country,’ commented Airtel Kenya CEO Adil El Youssefi. The company has also announced that it will embark on a major rollout of new sites in Nairobi to boost indoor and outdoor coverage, while it will continue to upgrade its wireless network in other major Kenyan towns.