Telstra set to end free Wi-Fi trial ahead of commercial launch

12 Jun 2015

Australian fixed line incumbent has confirmed that it will begin switching off free access to its in-deployment Wi-Fi network from 15 June. With the operator having activated more than 2,600 hotspots since beginning its trial programme in November last year, it has revealed that since then more than 1.5 million unique devices have been connected to the network. Now, Telstra has revealed that it will begin phasing out the trial access – which offered customers 30 minutes of free access – so that it can begin upgrading its hotspots in preparation for the launch of its nationwide Wi-Fi network. While a concrete date for a commercial launch has not been forthcoming, the telco did note in a blog post confirming the development that the wireless broadband infrastructure will come back online ‘in the coming weeks’. Commenting on the benefits of having conducted the trial, meanwhile, Telstra noted that it had helped it understand where and when customers most wanted access to Wi-Fi, saying that such information is ‘allowing [it] to boost speeds and capacity at some of [its] most popular hotspots so that [it] can offer people an even better experience’.

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