Telebras confirms 200km Sao Paulo fibre deployment

3 Jun 2015

Telebras, which is controlled by Brazil’s Ministry of Communications, has disclosed plans to deploy a 200km metropolitan fibre network in Sao Paulo. The rollout, which will use existing utility pipelines, is expected to cost around BRL20 million (USD6.3 million) to complete. Telebras’ regional manager Luiz Nelson Vergueiro told TeleTime: ‘Our national network is experiencing slower deployment than we expected. We are still working on things that should have been completed in 2013 and 2014. It is not just lack of money, there are many obstacles when building a network, especially in major Brazilian cities … We’re just pending approval from City Hall to start.’ When the metropolitan fibre network is complete Telebras will preside over around 1,000km of infrastructure in Greater Sao Paulo.