Huawei completes modernisation of TDC network

3 Jun 2015

Chinese equipment vendor Huawei Technologies has completed a full-scale modernisation of Danish operator TDC’s mobile network in Denmark using its value centric Managed Services and Quality Brand MBB solutions. In addition, a ‘three 3 Component Carrier, Carrier Aggregation (3CC CA)’ trial was completed on the network recording a peak throughput rate of up to 440Mbps. Huawei was first selected in 2013 to modernise and manage TDC’s mobile network in Denmark over a six year period. Since then, data traffic over TDC network has increased by 130%, while customer satisfaction has improved by 10%. David Wang, President of Wireless Networks at Huawei, said: ‘Huawei has modernised TDC’s mobile network in Denmark through advanced technical solutions and end-to-end professional services. We are now introducing a new concept called TechCity to TDC, which will help TDC build a more competitive mobile network and realise sustained business success. The new concept leverages Huawei’s most innovative technologies including Long Term Evolution Advanced (LTE-A) 3CC CA, Time Division Duplexing LTE (TDD-LTE), and LTE Machine (LTE-M).’