Is AT&T interested in Mexico’s 2.5GHz band?

2 Jun 2015

According to an unverified report by Latin American website Signals Telecom News, AT&T Inc has approached Mexican telecoms regulator Instituto Federal de Telecomunicaciones (Ifetel) with a request for a 50MHz block of frequencies in the 2.5GHz band. The telco is said to be interested in the 2570MHz-2620MHz block. Back in October 2013 it was reported that the authorities had struck agreements with a number of existing concession holders, including MVS Comunicaciones, which held a significant portion of the spectrum, to reclaim 68% of the available space in the 2.5GHz band.

While the government asserted that MVS was not making full use of the frequencies there has been no attempt to re-auction the spectrum, and the band was not included in Ifetel’s ‘Programa Anual de Uso y Aprovechamiento de Bandas de Frecuencias 2015’ (Programa 2015) document in December 2014, which outlined the wireless spectrum that it intends to make available in the near future.

TeleGeography notes that AT&T has a presence in Mexico via its newly acquired Iusacell and Nextel mobile units, and also stands to gain a 41.3% stake in pay-TV operator Sky Mexico via its pending takeover of international satellite TV giant DirecTV. The satellite TV company’s current management team has launched Time Division-LTE (TD-LTE) fixed-wireless technology using 2.5GHz spectrum via Sky Brasil, DirecTV Argentina and DirecTV Colombia, with plans afoot to initiate similar deployments in Venezuela and Peru.

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