Telkom to launch Indihome 4K TV service

22 May 2015

PT Telkom Indonesia (Telkom) is beefing up its Indihome Fiber-branded, triple-play broadband service with the imminent launch of a very high resolution 4K television (4K TV) service for residential customers. Earlier this week, Telkom’s director of consumer services, Dian Rachmawan, confirmed the plan saying: ‘Customers of Indihome Fiber in Indonesia will soon be able to enjoy 4K TV service. This is a trend that is currently one of the most talked about in the technology world, and Telkom will bring it to customers’ homes’.

Telkom is working with set-top-box (STB) supplier and content provider to deliver high quality television services to Indihome Fiber 4K customers and intends to integrate the new services with its existing IPTV platform in Indonesia, as well as developing hybrid platforms to work with Android-based systems. 4K TV requires a minimum 50Mbps connection to deliver the service and Telkom says it is testing it on the live Indihome Fiber network, ahead of a full launch. Currently Indihome Fiber service coverage has reached 160 cities across Indonesia, with service coverage being built upon in each of these cities as Telkom looks to sign up a total of three million subscribers by the end of 2015.

Indonesia, Telkom Indonesia