NCC confirms receipt of Ambit and APT merger application

21 May 2015

Taiwan’s National Communications Commission (NCC) has confirmed its receipt of an application for a merger between Asia Pacific Telecom (APT) and Ambit Microsystems, the Taipei Times reports. In line with this development, the watchdog has also suggested that it will consider the two companies as a single applicant when it reviews the qualifications of bidders for a frequency spectrum auction this year. NCC spokesperson Yu Hsiao-cheng was cited as saying that, with the two companies awaiting merger approval, some parties were concerned that APT and Ambit could collude in the frequency spectrum auction due to take place later this year if acting as two separate bidders. As such, Yu said that the NCC was in the process of amending the Regulations for Administration of Mobile Broadband Businesses to stipulate that two merging companies would be treated as one applicant in the auction, even if their merger application has yet to be approved. Meanwhile, the report also notes that last week APT had itself announced it would indeed jointly bid for spectrum with Ambit, with the duo expected to do so under the newly established Gt Telecom name.